Sheltie Acres
7620 Portland Rd.
Salem, Oregon. 97305
(503) 393-3680
Monday to Saturday
8 AM to 6 PM
Noon to 5 PM

Closed on Major Holidays


5:45 PM


Please note that while our dogs are purebred shelties, they are not A.K.C. registered dogs and they are not of show quality.
All of our dogs are for individual or family pets. They make fine pets and some have been used in 4H agility courses.
Most shelties are great around kids large and small, and are very devoted.
We know that you will enjoy having a sheltie as have we, and that the sheltie will give you many years of love, devotion and fulfillment.

We will be moving to Idaho in the not to distant future. We will continue to have sheltie puppies after the move however, it will be on a much smaller scale as we will be limited on the number of adult dogs we can have.

Once we move to Idaho Sheltie Acres will come to an end as a small business in Oregon and transform into a smaller hobby atmosphere in Idaho.